ImmunoSpot® Kits

Standardized T Cell and B Cell ELISPOT Kits. Single- and Double-color Enzymatic ELISPOT. Up to Four-color T Cell & B Cell FluoroSpot Kits.
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ImmunoSpot® Analyzers

High-resolution Imaging. Intelligent Software.
Workflow Management. Data Audit Trails. Scientifically-validated Counting Technique.
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ePBMC® Cryopreserved Human PBMC

Extensive Library of Characterized and Uncharacterized HLA-typed Donors. Perfect biological controls for basic and clinical research.
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Serum-free Media

Optimized for Consistent, Standardized Performance in T Cell Assays.
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Contract Laboratory Services

GLP & FDA Compliant, CLIA Certified.
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