BioSpot Instrumentation

Traditionally, plaque and colony counting have been both slow and inefficient. It takes days, if not weeks, before plaques and colonies grow large enough to be seen using traditional methods. What’s more, they had to be grown within Petri dishes and other low-throughput plate formats, each of which had to be tediously counted by eye or separately loaded into a plate reader for analysis.

Not anymore, though! CTL BioSpot® Analyzers have been specifically optimized for scanning viral plaques and microbial and mammalian colony formation assays. They allow much smaller plaques and colonies to be detected, even against complex backgrounds, thus dramatically reducing the amount of growth time required. What’s more, because they support multiwell plate formats, they can also scan multiple samples in rapid succession.

Welcome to the future of microdetection.

Readily customizable for any Plaque Assay or for Colony Counting

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