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CTL is known for its unparalleled expertise in ELISPOT assays and related technologies

Blue Elispot Well ELISPOT assays provide an exceptionally sensitive means of identifying antibody- or cytokine-secreting cells ex vivo. Learn more about the many advantages that ELISPOT assays have to offer.

Red Elispot Well The new generation of high-throughput, single-cell resolution ELISPOT assays was developed, introduced and patented at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) by a network of collaborating scholars led by CTL's founder, Prof. Paul V. Lehmann. In numberous publications on cytokine ELISPOT assays, Prof. Lehmann and his associates established the scientific foundations of ELISPOT analysis.

CTL Spotcloud How does spot morphology reflect cell productivity? Find out how! CTL is the world's foremost authority in both ELISPOT research and spot formation within ELISPOT assays.