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ELISPOT Scanning and Analysis Services

CTL offers a wide range of services to facilitate ELISPOT counting and data management.


Plate Scanning Service
Frequently, researchers don't perform ELISPOT & FluroSpot assays in high volumes, or they have a transient need for these assays, or they may be awaiting funds for their own analyzers. In such circumstances, they can take full advantage of the sophistication of the ImmunoSpot® system for automated ELISPOT & Fluorospot analysis by using CTL's scanning services.


Plate Scanning & Analysis Service
CTL offers complete analysis of customer ELISPOT & FluoroSpot plates. CTL scientists with extensive expertise will analyze these plates and, upon request, assist in the interpretation of the results.


Web-Based ELISPOT Consultation
Through the Internet, CTL can set up live, one-on-one sessions to jointly analyze and discuss customer data and if required, to assist in assay design. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet. Learn more about such sessions here.