ImmunoSpot® SOFTWARE

The Gold Standard for scientifically-validated analysis that meets the advanced needs of both a basic scientist, and of work in a regulated environment.

Unique features include:

  • ImmunoSpot® Easy-Count™: User-friendly analysis process; analyzing a plate can be as easy as one step!
  • SmartCount™: ImmunoSpot® "wizard" counting mode with automated parameter set-up based on proprietary counting algorithms in a fast, user-friendly process.
  • CountConfidence™: Automatically highlights results when spot confluence, high background, or the presence of artifacts, call the validity of counts in question.
  • ImmunoSpot® MultiPlate AutoCount™ (IMPAC)™: Permits uninterrupted, walk-away counting of an indefinite number of plate files.
  • ImmunoSpot® MultiSet AutoCount™: Permits analysis of multiple assays within a single plate.
  • SpotInfo™: Provides quantitative spot information including spot location, size, mean and maximum spot intensity, circularity, mean well intensity, plus more.
  • AugoGate™: An automated "gating" algorithm that uses a scientifically-validated statistical function to differentiate between signal and noise and to determine minimum and maximum spot size for different cytokines.
  • Professional Quality Control module: Permits the verification of counts generated by automated analysis and allows for batch revisions and annotations if required to excise artifacts, to compensate for leaking membranes, etc. QC Professional mode saves time and provides consistency through the automated QC process.
  • Manual Dual Color Analysis: Manual analysis of dual-color spots (red, blue, and dual-color) within one well.
  • Advanced presentation/publication features including direct export to PowerPoint®.


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