Cellular Technology Limited (CTL), headquartered in Cleveland, OH, is a global biotechnology company and the pioneer and industry leader in the development, use, and manufacture of standardized tools for specializing in cellular immune assays including:

An extensive library of cryopreserved PBMC:

  • For the selection of individuals/groups with desired HLA-type and antigen-reactivity. Fully-functional, these cells are ideal as reference standards and for assay development, qualification, and validation.

Loss-free cryopreservation of clinical samples:

  • For trials, shipping, and storage.

T cell monitoring:

  • ELISPOT solutions to measure cytokine profiles or cytolytic activity at the highest sensitivity
  • ImmunoSpot® Analyzers for objective and fully-automated ELISPOT data analysis
  • ELISPOT Kits – Up to four-color
  • Reagents for standardized testing, including reference PBMC
  • Assay consultation and hands-on training
  • GLP-compliant, CLIA-certified contract laboratory services

B cell monitoring (in addition to the above), BioSpot® Analyzers for high-throughput antibody neutralization tests, including:

  • Focus Forming Assays
  • Immunostained Assays
  • Viral/Bacterial Neutralizations (SBA/OPA/OPK)
  • Lytic Plaque Analysis
  • Colony Counting (Visible and fluorescent MLA, AMES)



To help science progress


  • By pioneering ELISPOT and elevating it to an exact science
  • By creating hardware and software solutions that enable objective, transparent, and documented ELISPOT analysis
  • By creating reagent solutions that standardize and expedite ELISPOT
  • By supporting clinical trials and scientific efforts in immune monitoring
  • By narrowing the gap between basic immunology and its application in health care

First in ELISPOT

Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) has been pioneering the transition of ELISPOT into the reliable, scientifically-validated, immune monitoring technique it is today. The cumulative expertise gained in this field is an integral part of the CTL ImmunoSpot® product line which we share with you here. View our extensive list of "firsts" and see what makes CTL the world leader in ELISPOT.

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