ImmunoSpot® S6 MACRO

The S6 Macro works with virtually any plate format from 6- to 384 well plates and 60-100mm Petri dish. It has a software-controlled motorized zoom/focus module which allows you to save hundreds of plate types – each with point-and-click retrievable scan settings.




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ImmunoSpot® S6 MACROImmunoSpot® S6 MACROImmunoSpot® S6 MACROImmunoSpot® S6 MACRO
ImmunoSpot® S6 MACRO


CTL Analyzers come in a wide range of models, each of which is designed to make assay analysis faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before. CTL Analyzers are specifically designed for use in applications that benefit from morphometric analysis—applications such as ELISPOT assays; bacterial, yeast, stem cell, tumor colony counting, and various plaque and clonogenic assays. The analyzer models are tailored for a wide range of user needs and budgets. Whatever your application may be, CTL has a solution for you!

CTL Analyzers are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 standards for the design, assembly, and service of image acquisition units for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries.

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